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4 Boxes of Assorted Tattoo Cartridge Needles

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Convenient for Creativity.

The world's first Assorted Tattoo Cartridge Needles are HERE!

Includes 4 Boxes of 20 cartridges.

Cover every base with GENISYNTH tattoo needle cartridges. Liners, magnums, shaders, curved, round, straight – this tattoo needle box has it all. Ready-to-use with no sterilisation required, changing tattoo needles has never been easier, faster, safer or more hygienic. 

  • Virtually eliminates the chance of accidental damage or injury by tattoo needles.
  • Tattoo needle cartridges tools for lining, shading, colour packing, dot work, pepper shading or filling.
  • The needle cartridges meet the highest hygiene standards.
  • Made of the highest quality medical plastic.
  • Super hard and accurate needle tips.
  • High-grade, super-sharp tattoo needles.
  • The wall of the tip is made of plastic, which ensures adequate flow of tattoo ink.

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We recommend that sharps (i.e. needles) be disposed of in a sealed sharps container. A standard yellow sharps container can be purchased from a pharmacy, or you can use a robust container that cannot be pierced and has a childproof lid—for example, a plastic bleach bottle. Do not use glass or aluminium containers as they are prone to puncture/shattering.

Make sure your lid is securely fastened with tape and that the words are written with a permanent marker 'Not recyclable—contains sharps' on the container. Please do not overfill the sharps container. This can put more pressure on the lid, causing the sharps to fall out. Dispose of your container at a pharmacy or hospital of your choice.

Wearing clean gloves, carefully put the cartridge needle into the machine and spin it clockwise to secure it. Always switch on your machine with the needles facing away from you to avoid any potential danger from loose cartridge needles.

See more FAQ’s here.