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GENISYNTH is a global e-commerce company, founder and manufacturer of the world's first pre stencilled synthetic tattoo practice skins. Our registered products enable anyone of any ability to begin or improve their talents as an artist without irreversibly damaging human skin in an unsanitary and unregulated setting. 

At GENISYNTH, we hand-select original designs from talented artists worldwide and apply them to our custom-created skins utilising a privately formulated recipe as a stencil. Our products have enabled creatives to showcase their talents and be recognised globally for their passion. 

At  GENISYNTH, we offer excellent customer service and high-quality items designed by artists for artists.

Tattoo practice skins are a synthetic training apparatus that allows anyone of any skill level to begin or develop their talents as an artist without irreversibly damaging human skin in an unsanitary, illegal setting.

Our registered items are manufactured to provide a life-like feel and experience like no other. Not only do they look and feel amazing, but they are the closest match to human skin you will ever find. At GENISYNTH, our team continue to explore solutions to bridge the gap between synthetic and the real thing to emulate the best tattoo experience possible.

As much as we try, humans are not perfect, but what is perfect is practice. There is no room for error when it comes to tattooing, and poor technique can cause significant injury to the human skin. With GENISYNTH, you can practice your tattooing prowess and improve your confidence and skills without causing damage to the skin, regardless of your skill level.

No. No matter how proficient and skilled you may be, you must always be cautious and strategic in your approach when it comes to tattooing. After practicing your new method and gaining confidence, we strongly advise that you gradually apply it to your client's skin while keeping an eye on your needle depth and how much you work the epidermis.

No. At GENISYNTH, we believe in allowing everyone the opportunity to express themselves and to explore their creative side. Our products are available to anyone willing to attempt, regardless of artistic aptitude or experience.

While you can use any range of professional tattoo ink, we strongly recommend our GENISYNTH line of professionals inks for best results.

While you can use a variety of other professional tattoo needles, our GENISYNTH line of professional tattoo needles gives you the best results when used on our products. 

Please stay safe and dispose of your needles in a secure location.

Yes, we would be delighted to arrange a customised order for you. Depending on the complexity of the photo/design, time frames and turnaround may vary. For more information, please get in touch with us at info@genisynth.com.

No, GENISYNTH handpicks original drawings by both professional and amateur artists. We enjoy giving credit where credit is due in recognising as many amazing talented artists from around the world as we can.

Yes, GENISYNTH is fortunate to have the support of a network of incredible people, including like-minded professionals and award-winning artists from all around the world

While there is no legal age for using one of our tattoo machines on synthetic skins, we do not sell any of our products to anyone under 18.

We recommend that sharps (i.e. needles) be disposed of in a sealed sharps container. A standard yellow sharps container can be purchased from a pharmacy, or you can use a robust container that cannot be pierced and has a childproof lid—for example, a plastic bleach bottle. Do not use glass or aluminium containers as they are prone to puncture/shattering.

Make sure your lid is securely fastened with tape and that the words are written with a permanent marker 'Not recyclable—contains sharps' on the container. Please do not overfill the sharps container. This can put more pressure on the lid, causing the sharps to fall out. Dispose of your container at a pharmacy or hospital of your choice.

Yes, we are pleased to announce that all of our inks and skins are vegan-friendly.

Yes, we sell our custom created inks and needles online for immediate purchase and delivery. We only sell our products to clients that are 18+

A 2400mAh AA rechargeable battery powers the tattoo machine.

Before you start your machine:

Check that your batteries are fully charged.

Gently twist the battery cap anticlockwise to place the battery into the machine (the + symbol on the battery MUST be at the top once inserted).

Gently twist the battery top clockwise to secure it (DO NOT RUSH TO CROSS THREAD).

Press and hold the control button for 3 seconds to turn on or off the power. 

To start or stop the machine, lightly press the control button. 

Lightly press the control button twice to display the power % (within 5 seconds, the system will revert to auto-display mode.) 

To lower the voltage, simply hold down the power button briefly and tilt to the left. Simply hold down the power button and lean to the right to increase the voltage.

The charging indicator will illuminate when the power is less than 20%. Please replace the battery with the spare battery provided.

Machine Information


Input: DC 5V Charger

Output: 12V 800MA 


Battery: 1200MA Lithium-Ion 

Working time: 5-8 hours

Tattoo Machine

Coreless motor 10000 RPM motor speed

Maximum input voltage: 12V

4.0MM Stroke


Wearing clean gloves, carefully put the cartridge needle into the machine and spin it clockwise to secure it. Always switch on your machine with the needles facing away from you to avoid any potential danger from loose cartridge needles. 

Yes. When utilising any of our products, you should always put on a fresh pair of gloves. It is critical to adhere to proper hygiene procedures even in a simulated practice environment.

Apply a small dose of Vaseline and wipe away with a paper tissue you can find at your local supermarket.

At GENISYNTH®, we want our clients to get the complete picture of how they're progressing by relishing the challenges of tattooing while finding enjoyment in the learning process. Here are a few helpful tips for extending the life of your stencils:

Begin at the bottom of your design and work your way up. 

Apply Vaseline and gently dab with a clean tissue to remove leftover ink.

Work with a stencil to learn about hand positioning and skin tightening.

We take pride in the reliability and quality of our products at Genisynth. As such, we offer a comprehensive 6-month warranty for any defects that may arise with your machine. This warranty will be valid from the day of your purchase, providing complete peace of mind for all our valued customers.

Our warranty covers any manufacturing defects or faults that may arise with your machine over the six months from the date of purchase. This warranty is valid in all locations, and we will happily provide free-of-charge repair your machine under warranty.

We want to let you know that our warranty does not cover any damage to your machine caused by misuse, careless handling, or accidental damage. Additionally, if any unauthorised modifications are made to your machine during the warranty period, it will invalidate your warranty.

In summary, our comprehensive 6-month warranty provides complete peace of mind for all our customers, knowing they are protected from any defects that may arise with their machine. If you have any more questions or concerns about our warranty or process, please don't hesitate to contact our customer service team, who is always available to help.

Free Postage in Australia

GENISYNTH is pleased to offer FREE postage on all orders placed within Australia.

While our primary goal is to deliver your products within 2-7 business days, unfortunately, time frames may vary due to COVID-19 and other circumstances that may be out of our control.


Our branded delivery pouches are biodegradable and can be readily recycled and reused; they break down faster than conventional packing and shipping solutions.

International Shipping

Our expected time frames will shrink considerably as we welcome more distributors worldwide. 

While we do our best to ensure that our products are delivered to you within 7-14 business days, time frames may vary for all orders, particularly international orders and COVID-19 related obstructions. The customer must pay any international taxes or tariffs should they arise. We will continue to work closely with our distributors to help address this issue for the convenience of our customers.

If you have not received your order within the expected time frame limitations, please contact our staff as soon as possible; we would be happy to assist.


Please ensure to notify us early enough before we dispatch your order. We might yet be able to make the requested amendment for you before it's too late. The majority of purchases are shipped within 12 hours of confirmation.

GENISYNTH is a multinational e-commerce company that conducts all business online.

Our certified items are designed and manufactured utilising only the highest-quality technology and materials obtained worldwide. We are very proud of our products and have put a lot of time and effort into creating them for you.

Please double-check your order before submitting payment. We buy and print all of our apparel in Australia. Please ensure to check the sizing chart before purchasing. Size Chart

Exception and non-returnable items 

Certain items, such as custom products, cannot be returned (such as special orders or personalised items). Please get in touch with us if you have any questions or issues about your particular item. Unfortunately, we cannot accept returns on sale items or gift cards.


The quickest approach to ensure you get what you want is to return the item and then make a second purchase for the replacement item once the return is accepted.

We appreciate your continued support of our company, and we apologise if your question was not answered here. We'll add it to the website as soon as possible. Please get in touch with us via email or social platforms below, and we'll be happy to assist you as quickly as possible. Thank you.

Email: info@genisynth.com

Facebook: Genisynth

Instagram: Genisynth

If you are dissatisfied with any of our products or services, we will do everything to make things right as soon as possible. If you are still unhappy with the planned outcome, we will tell you once your returned product has been received. The staff will check the item and notify you whether or not the refund was accepted.

If you are authorised, your original payment method will be automatically refunded. Please keep in mind that it may take some time for your bank or credit card company to process and post the refund. 

At GENISYNTH, we strive to provide the best premium products and services possible, so we hope that a refund is never required.

Genisynth would like to thank you for all of your support, and we are delighted to give any of our clients a 7-day return policy, which means you have 7 days after receiving your item to request a return.

To be eligible for a return, your item must be unopened or unused and in its original packing, and it must be in the same condition that you received it. You will also require a receipt or proof of purchase.

If we accept your return, we'll email you a return shipping label and instructions on how and where to send your package. Items returned to us without first seeking a return will be refused. 

If you have any questions about returns, please contact us at info@genisynth.com.

With the help of our cyber security experts, we keep all of your information safe and secure at GENISYNTH. Your information is solely used to help us deliver and enhance our services..

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