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10X Blanks

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(NOT 100% BLANK)

3mm Tattoo practice skins A4 Size

These skins are blank on one side and have a defective print from our factory on the other side that can be wiped off 

Introducing Genisynth – the perfect practice companion for tattoo artists of any skill level. As a professional artist, you know that practice makes perfect when it comes to honing your skills, and Genisynth allows you to take your training and preparation to the next level. 

Our 10-pack of factory seconds is an incredibly affordable option – we understand how important it is to be able to improve your craft while staying within budget! Keep in mind these are not the official prints, they are instead perfect for practising with before you show off your true creative flair. 

With Genisynth, you can push yourself further and work on techniques and styles that require long hours of practice. From perfecting your lines and curves to mastering shading techniques and more, nothing compares to being able to work on our reliable skins again and again until you're completely satisfied with the results. With our product in hand, you can bring out the best in every masterpiece. 

To make sure only quality materials are used all products go through rigorous testing so that we can confirm their ideal performance before they even arrive at your door. No matter what your experience or skill–level maybe there's something for everyone with Genisynth. Pick up a pack today and start honing your craft!


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