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August 28, 2022 7 min read

Wireless tattoo machines are important Tattoo Equipment for Artists that provide beginner and professional artists with a more comfortable and ergonomic working experience. The ease of use of these machines is a huge draw for them because they are simple to use and allow them to work for extended periods with no muscle strain or discomfort.

What Is A Wireless Tattoo Machine?

This Tattoo Equipment for Artists is a battery-operated machine that can be used without being plugged into an electrical outlet. Because of their portability and ease of use, these machines are gaining an ever-increasing following of customers. Before purchasing a wireless tattoo machine, it is essential to complete adequate research on the available brands and models.

The most significant benefit of a Wireless tattoo machine is the increased mobility it allows the artist while at work. When working on larger pieces or tattoos that take multiple sessions, this can be a beneficial tool to have. In addition, wireless machines typically weigh less than their wired equivalents, making it much simpler to move them from one place to another.


Advantages of Getting a Wireless Tattoo Machine

Using a cordless tattoo machine comes with several distinct benefits. A few of these are discussed below:

Wireless tattoo machines have a noiseless operation. You won't be affected by the noise because it doesn't make any noise in the first place. In the vast majority of tattoo machine kits, the machine has the motor that is installed inside the machine itself is of a superior caliber.

The motor is in fantastic operating condition and does not stall in the middle of its operation. As a result, you won't need to worry about feeling anxious while tattooing about your machine stopping.

It is common knowledge that most tattoo machines, often wireless, are compatible with various cartridges. As a result, this point opens up several possibilities for you in terms of getting many tattoos. The tattooing machine doesn't feel too cumbersome to use. It is lightweight, and despite its appearance, it does not feel heavy. While they are working on a tattoo, the artists have more mobility. 

The components that are a part of wireless tattooing machines in Australia are of the highest quality and are crafted by individuals with a lot of expertise. They have a stellar reputation in the industry for their superior craftsmanship. These machines are considered multi-purpose tattoo machines because they can also be used to do eyeliner tattoos, permanent eyebrows, and lips. They are compatible with various types of skin. 

When Purchasing Tattoo Equipment for Artists especially wireless machines in Australia, There Are Some Things You Should Consider.

This cutting-edge technology may be worth looking into, whether you've been on the hunt for a tattoo machine in Australia for a while or are just getting started in the world of body modification. However, before you go ahead and make the investment, there are a few things that you should keep in mind and take into consideration:

Battery Life

The kind of battery is the first thing you must investigate and identify. Be sure to consider the battery's life expectancy, as well as its charging time and operating time while it is active. The duration of the operating time is the most important factor (to be able to work for hours and not worry about recharging the batteries).

When tattooing, you must pay close attention to any fluctuations in power. This may indicate that your battery needs to be charged more frequently. From completely discharged to full should take about two hours to charge; however, this can vary depending on the composition of the battery unit. 

Total Weight

Because you won't have to worry about cumbersome connections any longer, using a wireless tattooing machine grants you greater agility and flexibility in how you put it to use. The weight of the device as a whole will grow due to the incorporation of a battery as a power source.

If the wireless machine will feel heavy and make work more difficult, then the additional money you are paying for it is not worth it. Conduct a weight test on the device to see how much it weighs with the battery and any additional components attached.


The only way for wireless devices to be worth the additional cost is if they offer an improved level of usability compared to their wired equivalents. Check to see if the machine complements your working method, won't slow you down, and is an ergonomic choice for the long run.

A better user experience can be achieved with the help of a machine that has been ergonomically constructed and has the proper grip.

Wireless Kit

The vast majority of the best professional tattoo kits in Australia contain all of the necessary components, such as a tattoo machine, synthetic tattoo practice skins, tattoo ink, and tattoo needles.

The best feature of fake tattoo skin is that, despite being made of synthetic materials, it is intended to look as real as possible. It will feel odd the first time you work with the material because it has a lifelike texture.

Realism is enhanced by more than just the skin's feel. It also shows how the needle of the tattooing machine interacts with the skin. When ink is applied to the synthetic material, you will see that it exhibits the same kind of suppleness that you would anticipate from actual skin. You will not receive the same outcome from any of the other practice materials.

In order to gain as much experience as possible prior to tattooing real skin, tattoo apprentices frequently practise skins before moving on to the real thing.

You may become accustomed to the weight and balance of the machine by practicing on fake skin. This will also help you learn about needle depth and how to pull a tidy line.

Because of this, it is the ideal tool for novice tattoo artists to use so that they can become accustomed to the process of tattooing. It is a much more accurate simulation than using markers to design on the skin.

How skin reacts to ink and needles can be startling for beginners, synthetic skin is an excellent tool for tattoo artists who are still learning how to practice their craft.

Genisynth Tattoo Kit

Is It Simpler To Use Wireless Tattoo Machines?

There is some disagreement as to whether or not wireless rotary tattoo machines are simpler to operate, despite their growing popularity among tattoo artists. Some individuals believe that because there are no cables attached, they are more challenging to control, while others believe that they are simpler to use because there are no cords attached to them.

In the end, everything boils down to a matter of individual preference. If you are accustomed to dealing with corded machines, switching to a wireless machine may need some adjustment time on your part.

On the other hand, if you want a device that can perform a wider variety of tasks and is simple to transport, having the best professional tattoo kit with a wireless machine can be the most suitable option for you.

Here Are Three Suggestions To Help You Maintain Your professional tattoo machines

You can take care of your wireless tattoo machine by following the suggestions below: 

Make Sure That Your Tattoo Machine Is Covered

Covering your wireless device is the first and most crucial step to ensure it remains in good condition. If you want to protect your tattoo machine from blood and other types of contamination, you should encase it in plastic or find an alternative to plastic.

Apply A Disinfectant To Your Machine After Cleaning It

Because the needles of the tattoo machine come into contact with the flesh, it is extremely vital to clean your wireless machine with a disinfectant after each use. In most cases, getting a tattoo causes a small amount of blood to be spilled during the procedure. If you do not properly disinfect your equipment with an antiseptic, doing this can expose you to a high level of risk.

This helps destroy all germs and reduces the chance of infections such as HIV, hepatitis C, and other contagious and potentially lethal diseases. In most cases, transmission occurs through the exchange of bodily fluids like blood, sweat, and other fluids.

Cold Sterilisation

The use of cold sterilisation is yet another efficient cleaning strategy. The utilization of chemical baths is another method for accomplishing cold sterilization. However, even though they take a great deal more time, these are incredibly efficient. It cleans your machine, so you will have an easier time operating it in subsequent use.


Practice and experimentation are essential for determining what works best for you and your aesthetic in the industry, just like it is with everything else. If you want to be able to roam around while you tattoo, the best option is to go with a tattoo machine that doesn't require wires to be attached to it.

When selecting tattoo equipment for Artists especially tattoo machines in Australia, various aspects of the tool should be considered, including its weight, power output, and battery life.

In Australia, Genisynth is one of the most trusted name when it comes to machines. With the Genisynth tattoo machine, you may have complete freedom of movement while maintaining maximum control.

This tattoo kit features a ground-breaking design that is controlled by pressing only one button. This truly is one of the top tattoo machines in Australia due to the fact that it is wireless, multifunctional, user-friendly, and hygienic.

To alter Gen's frequency, you can do so by holding the button down while tilting the controller. A firm stroke of 4 millimeters provides a lovely balance for both lining and shading. It is driven by a core less motor that is fuelled by a rechargeable lithium battery of1200 mAh. The whole run time is between 5 - 8 hours.

Genisynth's products start with high-quality raw materials and use those materials throughout the manufacturing process. The focus on quality starts from the very first stage and continues throughout the entire process. Nothing leaves their facility unless it first passes stringent quality control tests.

They are known for their quality and dependability. Genisynth's objective has always been to simplify your job and provide you with the tools necessary to create the highest-quality tattoos possible. This is something that has not changed and will never change.

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